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Video Collections

Leisure DVDs

There is a small collection of films available to everyone for overnight loans. The standard procedure for borrowing an item is used.  

Browse the leisure shelves or visit the online catalogue and search for “Leisure AV” to see a complete list of the Leisure DVDs available for borrowing.  

Educational DVDs

Educational DVDs are kept on reserve and can only be used within the college. Please contact with requests to borrow educational DVDs. 
Visit the online catalogue and search for the title to see if a specific DVD is available. 

Classroom Use and Copyright

According to Fair Dealing under the Canadian Copyright Act, Lambton College faculty and staff may use these DVDs as part of classroom presentations. However, creating copies is prohibited. 

For more information, see Copyright page. Questions can be directed to Rebecca Pearson.


The common format for an APA citation of a film is: 

Director, D. D. (Director). (Date of publication). Title of motion picture [Film]. Production company. 

To see more examples, go to the APA Documentation Guide created by the Lambton College Communications Department. The most recent edition can always be found on D2L.